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Impure Thoughts #18 (Part 2): I Suck at April Fools Jokes.

So. I sent the picture. Here is the concerned response:


With women, it's ALL about practicality and pragmatism. If you're not prepared to accept that and you're a male, be a homosexual. That's my advice. If you have a house and a family to support, you better damn well get up off your burnt Eric Stolz ass and do it! Don't believe me, just ask your wife! Or mine.

Still, I hold to the punchline! I send her this:


Again, practicality and pragmatism, and how she even came upon a trailer being in this picture (again found randomly on Google) I have no idea, but it goes no place.


Maybe after all this time by herself and raising two kids pretty much on her own and endless joys of children such as my son running around farting at two years old with no pants on, and my two year old daughter being part Tarzan and just stripping off her loincloth and peeing and pooping wherever she is, and smiling cutely about it and doing strange jungle calls my wife has become callous.

Because all I got after that was a single comment that really means nothing, but says it all at the same time. "Gross". And then, a message I think we can all learn from.

"I will make you more."

This woman has neither the time, money, nor patience for all these things, and the worst part....doesn't get the joke!!!...but there she is ready to step up again.

Perseverance. Or as we say when it's time to put the kids to bed, or when my son decides he hates karate, or when my daughter is just...being 2 years old we say... "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

Make of it what you will. And keep swimming! Enjoy!

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