Impure Thoughts #17: You're an Oversized Load Escort - Allow Me to Help.

Impure Thoughts #17: You're an Oversized Load Escort - Allow Me to Help.

Impure Thoughts # 17. So You’re an Oversized Load Escort – allow me to help.

As an oversized load driver, I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that has our own company escorts. Sometimes though, I have to work with outside pilot car drivers, and for as many good ones as I’ve had they are totally overshadowed by the bad ones who stand out. And I’m sure you know what I mean by “stand out”. So here’s some ideas to help us like each other a little more. Because we might just have to work with each other for more than one trip.

1) I don’t care that you used to drive trucks. The fact you don’t still drive trucks is for me a red flag.

It tells me you have an ego, and that clouds your judgement. You might even think I don’t know what Im doing. Not so.

2) Bathe


3) Not interested in your “war stories”.

I don’t have time and I’m simply not interested. If I do have time, Im still not interested. Steering a trailer that’s 12 wide through a 14 wide opening is probably a hell of a lot less than what I deal with constantly from the point of being dispatched, to the point of unloading. Including dealing with your horrible radio habits.

4) Limit your conversation on the radio.

I know what the weather is, I can see it. I don’t care that you “grew up on a farm” or “your daddy whupped you when you was bad”.

Call out only what I need to hear. “Ramp is clear!” is not news. If it’s clear, I don’t need to hear about it. Don’t tell me the ramp is clear then miss the entire muffler and exhaust pipe laying in the middle of the lane. If there’s a bus load of 15 wide women on the way, tell me.

I actually consider too much radio chatter a safety hazard, and will sign your paperwork and send you on your way at the end of the day.

5) Be on time.

6) My mileage, not yours.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen mileage from escorts vastly different than what I have. We know better. And certainly don’t try it after we’ve made 5-6 trips. Hellooooo…

And don’t try to sneak an extra overnight either.

I could go on, and this is just a start, but hopefully this helps both new and veteran escorts have smooth trips. Which is all anybody really wants.

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