Espar Airtronic Diesel heaters

Espar Airtronic Diesel heaters


I figured I would post everything I know about the Espar/Airtronic heater. By the way, they are the same.

If you pull the unit out yourself you can waltz into just about any Thermo King dealer and get it completely rebuilt for around $360. It takes about 1/2 to an hour. That price includes replacing EVERYTHING inside with new parts.

If your unit is not starting up and blowing white smoke, 99% of the time it's your exhaust, air intake or fuel line that has a hole in it. This is a classic problem. Those hoses and pipes wear out and get holes in them. The onboard computer senses too much fuel, too much air, not enough air and tries to compensate for it and hence the white smoke and shutdown. These hoses and pipes should be replaced on a regular basis.

The Espar will not run for long at altitudes greater than 5,000 feet. You can replace the pump that's attached to your fuel tank outside with the high altitude version that will work anywhere. I've been at the top of Eisenhower in Colorado and it works just fine.

If your unit is having trouble starting and your hoses and pipes look fine your glow plug, screen or combustion chamber is carbon'd up. You should also do what I'm about to say once a year also. Go to Wal-Mart and buy a small bottle of Kerosene. They sell big 2 gallon jugs but in the home section they have small bottles for the decorative lamps.

Get yourself like 4' of rubber hose. Disconnect the rubber fuel line that goes from the pump into your fuel tank and hook up the rubber hose you bought and put the other end into the small bottle of kerosene. Run the Espar for an hour on high heat. Kerosene burns much hotter then diesel and will really clean the insides out. Many people run the Espar totally off kerosene from an external tank mounted on the frame rail.

When you do this it should be done in a paved parking lot. It's better to do it at night also. You may get a real show. If your unit is really carbon'd up tons of sparks will come flying out.

And one more note......DO NOT send your unit into a shop like Espar of Michigan or any other place that does a swap for a rebuilt one. I have first hand experience with the fore mentioned company. The unit I got did not run. When Thermo King opened it up it had not been rebuilt. Espar of Michigan is also a Thermo King dealer. I made phone calls to Corporate and things were set straight.
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