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New To Trucking Box truck or Bobtail


I thought I was gonna get fired from my job today- I have a desk job, missed a few emails, and they were gonna have my ass on a platter. But, I didn't. I was prepared to dump my savings into a non-CDL box truck and start getting loads. Since I will have my full time job for at least 6 months more, I will be able to save more money and do more planning. I want to post my ideas and get feedback and suggestions.

1. Box truck. It seems like going to a dealer and financing through a dealer is a rip off, because many of the trucks are overpriced. At least 30 to 50 grand for 26' trucks. I was planning instead to buy one from an auction (i am a mechanic, i am not worried about doing repairs or paying someone to fix a beat up back door) or private seller. At auction, I can get a decent truck for $5 to 10k.

I am a mobile diesel mechanic on the side and have heard nothing but good things from box truck drivers. They are happy with their work.

I can also get a feel for driving loads and the industry.

2. CDL Class and Semi truck. I am surprised that many used semi trucks are actually less than box trucks. I saw a 600 mile load that pays $1,500. How could I say no to something like that? That is stupid money. The only problem is I would have to endure school (I hate school) and pay $4k, and this would take more time. However, it looks like I could get more money doing this in the long run.

I don't want to buy a trailer, but will if I have to. Another bonus of having a semi is I could use it in place of a camper. I don't have a family, so I could take it to a camp site and sleep comfortably

What are your opinions? I also have a tire business, so I was thinking I could use either of my trucks to haul large quantities of tires and expand my mobile fleet service.

Please tell me which is better.
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New To Trucking Pay Rate On Driver's Pay Stubs?

Total newbie here.
I've been offered a job by Western Express. However, I was speaking to a current driver at the yard and he told me that drivers' pay stubs there don't include the pay rate/cpm. Only miles driven for each load, total pay for each load, and grand total payout for the week are disclosed.
Is this abnormal and highly suspect? Or the norm? I suppose you could roughly figure out your pay rate with the information given, but still... just curious.
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New To Trucking Does my med car make me look like a liability?

Fresh out of school with zero experience here. Back in April when I got my DOT physical I was clueless and uninformed. I foolishly marked down on my questionnaire that:
I drink infrequently
I've used marijuana in the past two years
I suffer from an anxiety disorder
I used to suffer from depression
I used to smoke

I am about to attend orientation with a company, but am worried I might get sent home because of what my med card says about me. Considering getting a new physical and not marking any of that stuff this time around. But I'm worried the company might be get suspicious as to why I got a new physical just days prior to attending orientation and getting another DOT physical with them. Should I be worried, or am I just overthinking this? I am completely healthy otherwise and the med card says I'm fit to drive a cmv and I would pass any drug test no problem.
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New To Trucking Will this stop me?

I start my CDL training in September to obtain my license BUT I recently received ‘Driving while license suspended rev… ‘ charge on my driving record. I tried looking up the answer but getting different answers. So my question is… Will this stop me from being able to obtain my CDL license. I really hope not as I’ve put a lot physically emotionally and financially into starting this as my career. Also if it matters I live in FL.
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New To Trucking Paraplegic wanting to drive

I've wanted to be a truck driver since I was a kid watching BJ and the Bear. I got paralyzed at age 16 in a motorcycle accident and never knew paraplegics we're driving trucks. Among a view videos I saw there was a guy with a wheelchair lift on his truck that raised him up into the side of the sleeper and that open my eyes to the possibility of OTR trucking. I've worked phone jobs and in retail and it's not what I want to do. Now I'm 48, divorced, two grown kids and a granddaughter. I'm ready to hit the road and full fill a lifelong dream.
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Looking for a foot in the door with vehicle assembly plants and rental car companies.

Hello Everyone,

I am working with a friend’s company to expand and acquire new business in the car hauling industry. I’m hoping to make some connections in the car hauling industry, and get any leads or contact info for manufacturing plants and rental car companies in the US.

Background on the company. The company is well established and has been in business for 8 years. We have a fleet of 8 trucks, 4 company owned and 4 owner-operator trucks. All of our trucks are using new equipment with the oldest model being a 2018. All are strap style, 9 car hauler trailers. Our company is ready to grow and our goal this year is to apply and onboard as a finished vehicle carrier, or a backup carrier for vehicle assembly plants. All we need is an introduction or a foot in the door.

My professional background is in Lean, Continuous Improvement Management, and Operations Management in appliance manufacturing. My background benefits me in this sales focused role because I can speak the manufacturing shop floor lingo and offer auto manufactures “a positive impact to your KPIs and Metrics”, “eliminate waste”, “Safety Quality Delivery Cost”, etc. However reaching the right person or even the right department has been challenging.

I am trying to reach Finished Vehicle Logistics and Shipping managers/departments at US auto manufacturing facilities and rental car companies to introduce our company and begin their application and onboarding processes. As you are aware, the contact info for those departments is next to impossible to find online. Does anyone in this forum have any leads or relevant contact information you can share? I will be happy to pay it forward and provide any professional support and networking I can.
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New To Trucking What is the difference between a DPF filter and regular DEF filter. I drive FRHT DD15

I recently just got my cdl and purchased a 2015 Freightliner DD15 . Truck has been running smooth for the past couple months .
I have been having some def issues though .

How many filters does a DEF system have ? What is the difference between a DPF filter and regular def filter ?
I notice the dpf filters are very expensive versus just the regular def filter . Are there more then 1 def filter ?

Thanks for the help guys and other tips regarding the DEF system would be greatly appreciated .
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New To Trucking Need Transportation

Good morning!

I'm with Aspen Rentals. We are out of Angleton, TX. We rent out mobile belt presses, centrifuges, plate and frames, and smaller ancillary equipment to all the U.S. and Canada. Mostly we rent out belt presses which are on trailers already. Our skid units need chains and binders but our other units do not. The dimensions of our presses are around L) 48-56', W) 8-11', H) 13-14' and can weight 48,000-71,000lbs depending on the individual piece of equipment.

Is this a forum where I can post for transport when we need it and people will respond that can do it? If not, are there trucking companies that y'all could refer me to or another forum y'all could refer me to?

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