The Life And Times Of Uncle Birchy.

Here are some Tesla Nodes we were grinding down today.

Was gonna try to get another pic of the work station but the supervisor was nearby and I don't think we supposed to be taking pictures inside the place..

Actually you ain't even supposed to have your phone on the floor but you see people texting all the time anyways..

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Trucking News: Another nuclear verdict: $1 billion dollars

Why the hell should Mike have to pay for counseling for his employee for something that is going on in his personal life?

How would that be Mike's responsibility, Benito? How is anyone supposed to operate a business if they're required to coddle their employees like that? 🙄

This is the thing when it comes to trucking companies. We see a stupid accident like this, and we look for over the top solutions that will hurt those who are trying to run a good business.

I won’t hire drivers to work for my current authority because the risk simply isn’t worth it. If I was to start a business, I would do it under a new authority, as to not risk my livelihood.

The mega carriers continue to grow, and the small carriers continue to try to start up only to fail because the cards are stacked against them.
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Schneider west-coast based OTR

Considering doing Schneider otr. However, I'm seeing a lot of stuff about how their otr is advertised as all 48 states, but is actually mostly regional depending on where your based-with just really short runs like 200 mi or less.
I would be based out of south Cali. Woe is me, I know.

Any current or past pumpkin drivers based out of the west coast can confirm?
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The Broke Down Thread. Post Here to Whine About Breakdowns.

My truck has been at Freightliner since Friday morning. Dropped it off there before going home for an overhead, another chance to check my mysterious flashing dome light issue, and a new noise that I had a feeling the overhead might fix.

They are closed on the weekends, so truck pulled inside the shop Friday before they went home, and overhead ran first thing Monday morning. Noise was no longer present, drove truck, and said noise never showed up again.

Still no idea on the dome light, but decided to throw a door latch at it to see if that might take care of it.

Door latch will be here tomorrow, truck will be ready to go tomorrow.
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Trucking News: Another nuclear verdict: $1 billion dollars

if you did, and paid for it, that might go a long way in your case. (as you recognized he had a problem)

if you did not, then you did nothing to keep your business. (as you ignored his problems)
How would I know his problems? This could be something that very recently happened. Employees don’t tend to go to their employers with their problems.

And if I fire the guy when he has shown no problems doing his job, just because something bad happened in his life, I get sued.

Your idea is not a good idea.
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Any good podcast recommendations?

Here's one on how crazy the Jehovas Witnesses are. I mean...WOW.

Essentially a doomsday cult that keeps getting the end of the world date wrong then rationalizing it with even worse excuses.

They make Mormons look normal.

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I just started downloading some of his podcasts so far eh
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Life in Sector 7 G.

I am a good son.
Mom was looking for a new car and I found one online not far away.
She was all paranoid that might get sold so she wanted to go there right away.
The sales guy tried to give here the wrong car to test drive. The first car they gave her had 116 miles on it. The car that she went there to buy had only 24 miles on it.
IMO the first one they gave her was a Demo car with 116 miles on it.
The second one and the one she wanted to buy only had 24 miles on it and that is like a trip around the assembly plant's test track and a couple times on and of the truck maybe, a few test drives.
Maybe @Hammer166 can confirm on what kind of mileage new cars are delivered to dealers with

(yes I converted the KMs to actual Miles so you simpletons wouldn't have do it for your self and also to avoid all your lame assed metric jokes that are piteous at best.):p
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The Broke Down Thread. Post Here to Whine About Breakdowns.

I mentioned when the truck broke down ad they towed me to Detroit. Well when the truck broke down I was in Indiana.
The next time the truck broke down I was in Michigan and they towed me to...Indiana. I see a conspiracy kinda thing going on here, maybe.

I had a hard time trying to get a hotel/motel room in Detroit because it was the week of the Detroit auto show and I told the safety maintenance guy it was hard to get a room.

When they towed me Indiana. I made reservations at the local hotel. When I called the safety guy about the breakdown I mentioned that I had made reservations in Indiana.
You made reservations?
Yes, I made reservations because, with my luck it would be the week of the Indiana Auto show and no room at the Inn Jesus Christ.
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The Broke Down Thread. Post Here to Whine About Breakdowns.

I think the worst break down I had The truck had was when they sent out this Craker Jack T/A "mechanic" to fix my truck on the side of the road. It was 21F and no shit this guy actually left me on the side of the road to go to his house and get some tools.
Six hours later with no heat in the truck he decides he can't fix it and I get a wrecker to tow the truck to............Detroit!

Yes lovely Detroit right by the airport so technically Wayne county MI.
I am not familiar with the cultural customs of the Detroit area, first time I ever saw a sign in a Subway restaurant that said Credit or exact change only. We do not make change
One breakdown I had in the late 90s had me stuck in West Memphis for a few days. I sat at the Mack dealer most of a day. The boss decided to keep me there overnight so I was getting a ride back across the bridge to the Super 8.

As I'm getting a ride from one of the mechanics he's telling me about a great restaurant he and his wife go to a lot. He thinks it's right near the Super 8 where he's taking me but he's not sure. He used to drive truck too. He used to like to run at night where you can "really cut loose". He thinks it might even be a truck stop, or real close to a truck stop. He's not sure.

"Anyway this here's a great place to eat! It's called The PETRO."

That's when I realized people with normal jobs really do live in very small bubbles.

"The Petro, huh?"

"Yessir! I'm pretty certain that's what its called."

"Hmph. I'll have to check that out."
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