Schneider west-coast based OTR

Considering doing Schneider otr. However, I'm seeing a lot of stuff about how their otr is advertised as all 48 states, but is actually mostly regional depending on where your based-with just really short runs like 200 mi or less.
I would be based out of south Cali. Woe is me, I know.

Any current or past pumpkin drivers based out of the west coast can confirm?
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Trucking News: Another nuclear verdict: $1 billion dollars

Traffic was stopped because a dipshit steering wheel holder with no valid CDL had crashed into another vehicle and caught on fire, allegedly while watching **** on his phone.

Then along comes Yadwinder Sangha of Canada, who doesn't even speak English, was staring at his phone and plowed into stopped traffic at 70 mph, killing an 18 year old.

A billion dollar judgment is insane. But
If there ever was a case where a lawsuit should completely bankrupt a company, it's this one.

However that suit was against the company that employed the first idiot.

The one who actually hit him fled the country.

“He was driving distracted by cellphone use,” Pajcic explained, adding, “What Yadwinder Sangha was looking at, we will never know because he went back to Canada.”

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The Broke Down Thread. Post Here to Whine About Breakdowns.

Fargo Freightliner just pulled an empty fleet truck into the shop and I've been sitting here 3 hours waiting to get a test drive for a diagnosis and a bay to see what's up with this insane vibration.

So far it feels like a driveline issue.

I extended my week and all I had to do today was drive back to the DC and go home.

Annoys me they let a real person sit here while a fleet truck from a fleet with tons of trucks gets a spit.

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Politics US Drone Strike Killed US Aid Worker and 10 Afghan Civilians

Not sure if this has been proven one way or the other, but video shows that the "terrorist" that Biden called the strike on was actually an US Aid worker, loading bottled water, not bombs into a car. Aid worker killed, as well as 10 Afghan civilians, 7 of them being children.

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1987 Peterbilt 379 help locating parts

Hello everyone,

Can anyone provide a place that sales parts to totally restore an old 379 Pete or at least the parts I listed below?

I recently purchased a 1987 Pete 379 with a 3406B, 3.55 rears, 10 speed and would like to make some upgrades such as tilt steering, seats, gauges, new fuse box, Ac/heat and lighting. I want truck to be comfortable and safe for work.


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Best road app

I'm curious what app you guys use on your phones when planning a route. An app that shows you the construction zones, road closures, bottlenecks, etc...

My wife is heading to Charlotte N.C., to see her sister and I was trying to give her another tool besides the Sync system in her Explorer. It has a great GPS and live traffic updates.

Anything in particular that I can look into? Thanks!
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Owner Operator What am I missing? Why is that rate high?

I'm trying to gather as much information as I can to try and decide if quitting a very well paying but horrible job to go work for myself is a smart move. My instinct is that reefer trailer would be the best suited to my age and disposition. Also, I assume that without slinging chains in sub-zero weather, it's the best likely way to ensure work availability through economic downturns. I'm trying to get a feel for what's out there so I pay for the Doft loadboard app. Consistently, the best rates on any given day are around $8-$10/mile. Googling the national average, I see it's currently $2.97/mile, a little higher where I live in the midwest at $3.37/mile. What am I missing? Experience has taught me that things that seem too good to be true, generally are.
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Owner-Operators Looking for Dispatch

Hello My Name is Quintin at Pure Platinum Logistics, I’m looking to partner with a few more carriers to fill open slots in the company. Our drivers are making up to $5,000-$7,000 per week some even more!! Mostly looking for Flatbed and Reefers but other equipment is welcomed.Comment if you are interested!
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Trucking News: Faulty USPS software cost trucking contractor $110 million and led to mass layoffs

Postal Fleet Services says problems with the Postal Service’s mileage-tracking program are well-known and central to lawsuits brought by truckers in three states

A Florida trucking contractor contends the U.S. Postal Service’s reliance on software it knows to be faulty has shorted it $110 million in four years, forcing it to slash hundreds of jobs and opening it up to lawsuits in three states.

St. Augustine-based Postal Fleet Services, which has worked with the agency for nearly two decades, cited the proprietary mileage-tracking system in an ongoing payment dispute claim it filed with the agency. PFS’s corporate counsel Paul Waters told The Washington Post that the software is to blame for the driver disputes and subsequent lawsuits seeking class-action status in Oklahoma, Tennessee and Florida. More than 200 drivers — who allege they went unpaid for nearly two weeks in May before being laid off — have already signed on to at least two of the suits, according to attorneys arguing the cases.

The disputes come as the Postal Service is pivoting most of its mail handling from air to ground transportation
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Trucking News: Roadside Repairs Decreasing, But Overall Repair Costs Increasing

The time between breakdowns for LTL carriers increased to 46,186 miles in the second quarter from 44,380 in the first quarter of 2021. The tank sector saw a slight improvement, running 18,241 miles in the second quarter, up from 17,420 in the previous quarter.

“The data tells us that if, for example, the truckload carriers running the average miles between breakdowns could reach best-in-class performance, they would increase their miles between breakdowns by 64%,” said Emily Hurst, manager of data and analytics at FleetNet America, “and that would result in overall lower costs.”

A different report also released Sunday – one compiled by TMC and Decisiv Inc. – reported that costs for parts and labor for repairs rose over the first six months of the year.

According to the Decisiv/TMC North American Service Event Benchmark Report, labor costs for repair and maintenance increased 2.6% between the first and second quarters in 2021 and overall parts costs increased by 2.8%. In that same period, parts costs for tires increased by 10.7% and transmissions part costs rose 9%.

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Trucking News: Twin Cities trucking firm's strength test discriminates against women

Stan Koch & Sons could end up paying dozens of women thousands of dollars each, according to federal employment regulators.


A federal judge has ruled that a major Twin Cities trucking firm has been mandating a strength test that discriminates against female drivers, an order that could mean thousands of dollars each in payments to dozens of women, a federal agency announced this week.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Hildy Bowbeer said in her order that the test required by Stan Koch & Sons disproportionately screens out women who had been offered jobs by Koch to work as truck drivers or who were already employed by Koch and needed to take the test to return to work following an injury.

Koch did not present evidence to show that the test was job-related and consistent with a business necessity, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) said.
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New To Trucking Cannot Decide: Advice Needed

Hello All!

First-time poster here after lurking for a while. I’m a rookie with zero experience besides a 3.5 weeks training sesh with Western Express. Wasn’t the best experience but wasn’t the worst either. Drove a little under 10k miles. Most of the bad came from the fact I was sleep-deprived the whole time and not at 100% because I’m a light sleeper and found sleeping in the moving truck almost impossible. They have been trying to find me a truck to go solo for almost a week now. They basically kicked me out of my trainer’s truck and gave him a new trainee since there was a bunch of ppl waiting for a trainer. I feel ready enough to go solo but at the same time feel like a little more time with a trainer wouldn’t hurt either.

I’m considering leaving WE for another company though. Either Knight or Schneider. I’m leaning towards Knight. So my dilemma is:

Should I start over with a new company that is overall better, where I would be paid more, but would have to start the whole thing over and go through another month or so of sleep-deprived training hell?


Stick it out with WE since I’m familiar with them and the routes I’d be getting, but make less money and have to deal with their complete $***show of a terminal in southern CA.

Logic and horror stories throughout the net are telling me to leave for greener pastures before I get in too deep with WE. However, one thing about WE is that they are a very beginner-friendly company that’s nearly impossible to be fired from- whereas others are not so lenient. I don’t really see myself f***ing up that bad, but you never know what could happen to a rookie solo driver out there. It would suck to quit WE, be blacklisted by them, then get fired from the new company for whatever reason, then not have anywhere to go.

What do you guys think is my best option? I’m totally on the fence and experiencing a lot of decision fatigue.
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Elvira Mistress of the dark is a ................


oh my god.....!!!!

i had recorded a tv show, Tamron Hall, cuz she was going to be a guest, then she comes out..?????

like WTF..........

all these years of time spent in the bathroom......

now this....??

this is a bad as erectile malfunction.....

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