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  1. Mike

    Trucking News: California intermodal carrier laid off 145 truck drivers amid Coronavirus slowdown

    ...Angeles ports. Carson, California-based intermodal carrier Shippers Transport Express recently laid off 145 truck drivers, according to a report from the L.A. Times. #news #coronavirus
  2. Mike

    Trucking News: Coronavirus - Shippers Checking Travel History Before Loading Trucks

    ...have travelled to any of the regions below in the past 14 days, please inform our security team.” It then lists the Greater China region, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Italy and Iran. #news #coronavirus
  3. Mike

    Wilson Logistics signs on to platooning deal with Locomation Glenn Spangenberg, who told FreightWaves his company’s job in the arrangement was “to identify the right fit with the right carrier and put together the master service agreement.” #platooning #news