18 Wheel Donuts

As the low traction time of year is once again upon us; it’s time for Winter Stunt Driving 101. 1. Find a nice snow or ice covered open space. 2. unplug the electric cord from your empty trailer (can’t have that pesky ABS ruining our fun!) 3. Engage your diff lock. 4. approach right side … Read more

Tips For New Drivers – Part Two

#5. Plan Your Trip. Then, plan it again. Take two looks. Can you adjust your plan as you go?  Wait! Since this is Part 2, should that be number one again? Nevermind, it’s not that important. There’s an old saying. “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”. This, applied to trucking simply means that … Read more

Tips For New Drivers – Part One

Hey there! Welcome to the trucking industry! Everything is fantastic and nothing ever goes wrong. We’ll let reality smack you in the face later. Like maybe around year two when you get that crease line in the middle of your forehead between your eyebrows from furrowing your brow. That’s when it happened to me. Trust … Read more

FMCSA Has A New Deputy Administrator

With the departure of Jim Mullen at the end of August, the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) announces James “Wiley” Deck as it’s third Acting Deputy Secretary in less than a year. Deck has been serving as Director of Government Affairs for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  He serves as the principal advisor … Read more