The High Beam Debate Ends Today.

It is dark out and I have just passed you. After a few seconds, I look in my mirror to make sure I’m passed you and put my turn signal on to move back to the right lane.  You FLASH YOUR HIGH BEAMS to let me know I’m clear! Or worse yet, leave them on … Read more

Worn Out Handles

CB handles, I mean. The CB radio used to be a lot more prevalent than it is now. For reasons too numerous to even begin listing, it’s popularity has waned considerably. I might get another one someday. Who knows.  A ‘handle’ for a truck driver used to be similar to a callsign for a fighter … Read more

The Best Company Out There! – A Cautionary Tale.

Don’t take it personally but I should probably apologize for the clickbait title. But while you’re waiting for my apology, let’s think about a few things. What is the best company out there? Embed from Getty Images Mostly “No-Touch” freight! I think that answer differs for everyone. Many people will accept a job that maybe … Read more