Your 30 Minute Break and You.

People are still bemoaning the fact that the government makes them stop working to take a break after a certain amount of time.  It does become a bit of a hindrance at times, but let’s consider one thing; there’s not a single other field of labor in the United States that requires people to work … Read more

An Unexpected Slide

Unexpected events are what separate the men from the boys. This isn’t based on a real event, it IS the real thing. So I’ll tell a little tale: I was in Lexington, Ne waiting for my trailer at IBP. It was an ugly week, bunch of loads going places I wasn’t. So Kirby, my dispatcher, … Read more

18 Wheel Donuts

As the low traction time of year is once again upon us; it’s time for Winter Stunt Driving 101. 1. Find a nice snow or ice covered open space. 2. unplug the electric cord from your empty trailer (can’t have that pesky ABS ruining our fun!) 3. Engage your diff lock. 4. approach right side … Read more