Colorado Tire Chain Laws In Effect For 2020

While most of you are currently sweating and wondering how much longer Summer will last, we wanted to cool you down a bit and let you know that Colorado’s chain law went into effect today. That’s right, it may be 100 degrees at your house, you may be headed to Southern California or Arizona where the low temperatures are barely under 100. If you are headed through western Colorado, though, better have chains or socks onboard if you are in a commercial vehicle.

The law. From September 01 through May 31, the traction law is in effect on I-70 in Colorado from Dotsero to Morrison. That’s basically from MM 133-259. In addition to this, minimum tread depth on your tires is 3/16″. Parts of these rules were recently updated in 2019.


  • If a CMV blocks the roadway because they have inadequate equipment when a Traction Law or Chain Law is in effect, he/she could be fined $1157
  • CMV Operators driving with inadequate equipment when a Traction Law or Chain Law is in effect could be fined more than $579.

In the past, this was an often ignored law because if caught during decent weather, the fine was much less. Now, drivers may think a bit more before ignoring the Colorado chain law.

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